Stanford Association of Research Professionals

Promoting Stanford Clinical Research Collaboration

Mission Statement

The Stanford Association of Research Professionals is a diverse group of individuals working together to provide a forum for communication, education and networking with the goal of achieving excellence in clinical research.

General Aims

To foster leadership within the clinical research community.
To educate experienced and new members through orientation and mentorship.
To promote networking and collegiality among all members conducting clinical research.
To encourage communication between SARP and organizations at Stanford, Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, and Affiliates (i.e. Stanford Hospital, Lucille Packard, the VA, and PAIRE) that are involved in clinical research.

Specific Goals

  • To foster leadership within the Clinical Research Community..
  • To hold regular meetings in support of the mission.
  • To establish a directory of members including their contact information and areas of expertise as a means to facilitate communication.
  • To create and manage a website that provides information to the group about current and future events and provides links to other areas of interest.  The site will also provide biographies and contact information of members as an avenue for sharing resources and information.
  • To encourage membership and accreditation in professional organizations.
  • To identify and encourage continuing education opportunities.
  • To provide guidance in regulations and study conduct

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